World Evangelism Ministries

World Evangelism Ministries

The World Evangelism Ministries of EMI offers a comprehensive ministry strategy for winning unbelievers to Christ through church-wide training and development, as well as recruitment of gift-specific evangelism teams. The Evangelism Ministry helps all believers take advantage of opportunities to make known the message of the gospel to the unsaved.

What is evangelism?

Evangelism is the commitment to or act of publicly preaching (ministry) of the Gospel with the intention of spreading the message and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Opportunities

We are looking for Individuals to Join Us for a long-term commitment to global missions, whether you serve overseas or stateside. Successful candidates for long-term missionary service demonstrate a call and preparation for the ministry that God is calling them to do, and align with EMI vision and mission.

The ideal candidate will have a servant attitude of service, but also of learning, as they are viewing this role as an apprenticeship opportunity. This individual will develop relationship that encourage and disciple the church members. They will be responsible to organize and run weekly congregation, other church events and Bible study. The primary goals for this role are to serve...

Church Planting

It has been said that Church Planting is the most effective way of evangelism. The need for reaching out to the world is not finished. The work of bringing the gospel to the world and planting churches must continue. Are you willing to send, pray or go?

Bible Study

EMI Theological University (Online DE) courses are available during the year at any time & anywhere. ETU also provides a 1 Year Free on-campus Bible Study (C.Th). We believe that Missions and Christian service is a calling by God and our goal is to help persons "become" what God would have them become.


Each year the EMI holds an annual gathering in a city where a hosting congregation has invited the EMI Group to come. Inspired annual gathering themes are crafted, guest speakers are invited to come and proclaim, thought-provoking workshops are conducted and extraordinary worship experiences are crafted for all to participate in.

And check back for more information on the EMI’s Events Calendar. Here is a short list of upcoming gatherings you may want to attend:

  •  26th December, 2019 – EMI Group Gathering at Ebenezer House Ground, Valakom.
  •  Time: 05:30 pm – 07:30 pm
  •  For more details, Please contact Rev. Dr. Pappachan Baby
  •  Tel: +91 9446 794177
  •  Email:
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